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Boxer Behavior

Boxer Dog Behavior Traits & Characteristics

The Boxer dog was first bred in Germany and related to the English bulldog, but now is loved the world over. Truly a family dog due to its unique boxer behavior, rarely is one seen without a child nearby. The boxer dog stands between twenty inches high for a female to twenty five inches for a male. Weight is between fifty and sixty pounds. The fur is smooth and shiny and comes in colors of brindle, fawn and white.

Boxers always have a docked tail which wags furiously when happy. Their jaws have an under bite giving them a comical appearance. Their eyes are dewy brown and seem somewhat sad. White boxers are dogs whose coats are at least one third white. Some white boxers inherit a gene which causes deafness, and at one time in history due to this defect, white boxers were routinely euthanized when born. Thankfully, due to their sweet boxer behavior, this is no longer the case and many are placed into loving permanent homes. One must remember to be very careful to keep the white boxer out of the sun to prevent the risk of sunburn, which may turn to cancer.

The personality of the boxer is one of loyalty, energy, playfulness, and love. Extremely friendly with family and friends, but a bit shy around strangers, the boxer behavior is summed up as a goofy dog who loves to play. The boxer dog is not only intelligent and loving, he is a clean dog. Rarely does he carry an odor in his fur as most other dogs do.

Boxers are energetic dogs who need lots of exercise in order to remain healthy and free from boredom. One habit they may begin when bored, is to dig holes in the yard or chew on items they shouldn't. They love playing with other dogs familiar to them, and of course family members. Their faithfulness knows no bounds and they make the best companions. Boxer behavior experts indicate many boxers are quite stubborn, but training with a clicker or treats will solve this problem and a happy well adjusted dog will suddenly reappear.

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